Ron Martinsen Photography | 2000 Mercedes E320 For Sale

More Photos (interior was not cleaned in months when these were taken)

Code Description  
W210 Base Price $47,100.00
040 Black Exterior Paint n/a
251 Black Nappa Leather $700.00
SPC Special Order Surcharge $1,000.00
220 Parktronic System $975.00
352 COMAND system $1,995.00
540 Electric Rear Window Sunshade $410.00
E1 Headlamp Washing System
Xenon Headlamps (low beams only)
Heated Front Seats
E2 Rain Sensor
Glass Sunroof
Bose Premium Sound System
K2a Integrated StarTAC Phone with Handset
Voice Recognition
Integrated CD Changer
406 LF & RF Multi-countour seatback $710.00
  Option Subtotal $11,130.00
  Destination & Delivery $645.00
  MSRP $58,875.00
  Luxury Tax ((Above - 38k) * 5%) $1,043.75
  Title & Registration $197.25
  Sales Tax (8.6% of Sales Price) $5,063.25
  Drive Out Price $65,179.25

This is the only car I've ever seen that has the Anthracite Black Nappa Leather with Granite Nappa Leather inserts. Despite the age of this car, these seats are made with a fantastic leather that has held up well. This car features every possible option for a 2000 E320 except for metallic.

I detailed this car frequently until my divorce in 2006, so its good condition is mostly due to the TLC it enjoyed during its early years.

The only known issues at this time are:

  1. The catalytic converter on the passenger side is starting to make a noise which indicates it will eventually need to be replaced.
  2. The drivers power seat memory buttons will push the seat backwards, but the seat button seems to have a loose connection which prevents it from moving the seat in reverse. It can move in all other positions just fine.
  3. There is currently a light failure warning which I will get addressed. Its for a minor bulb by the license plate.
  4. The transmission position indicator on the dash that shows D, R, P, etc... currently has a couple pixels that are out. It doesn't impact the readability of the display and doesn't seem to warrant getting fixed.

The timing belt and all spark plug cables were replaced around 75,000 miles.

Almost all services performed mostly at Phil Smart until the extended warranty expired at 100,000 miles. After that service has been performed at Automeister II in Issaquah. A couple minor services were performed at Barrier Mercedes.  My copies of the service records are available for review upon request.

This car has never been wrecked, but it has been hit by rocks or otherwise damaged by non-collision ways (i.e., neighborhood dog scratched the rear panel). This has resulted in the repaint of various body parts by Queen City AutoRebuild or Bellevue Auto Rebuild over the course of the life of the car. The only panels that still have factory paint are the roof, trunk, and I think the entire passenger side.

Only 1 owner, never smoked in and no pets have ever been allowed in this vehicle.

I've owned 2 Acura's, 2 Honda's, 3 Mercedes, a Lexus, a BMW, and Porsche, and this has been the greatest car I've ever owned. I am in no hurry to sell so please do not contact me with below market offers. This car is a great collectors car due to the unique features not found on very many cars. When doing research it should be treated as a designo edition as they are the only cars made by Mercedes that featured this same high quality duo tone leather.

This car runs well and its features compare favorably to even new German luxury cars. The exterior was last detailed on October 14th, 2011. You will love this car!

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Price: $7000 FIRM

KBB Private Party Value as of October 18th, 2011:

Kelly Blue Book Private Party Value