Ron Martinsen Photography | Seattle - May 2012

Professor Parker - Preworkshop Shoot at Ron'sGPRM Workshop 1-570-EditBad pose and light due to teaching instead of shooting :-)GPRM Workshop 1-1189-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1426-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1438-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1448-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1458GPRM Workshop 1-1468GPRM Workshop 1-1472GPRM Workshop 1-1484-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1486-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1496-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1518GPRM Workshop 1-1550-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1574-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1590-EditGPRM Workshop 1-1643 PhotomatixEnhancedGPRM Workshop 1-1644-Edit